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L'agence en 6 projets

  • L’intranet d’Allianz France

    A Kitchen remporte l’appel d’offre lancé par Allianz France pour la refonte de son Intranet.

    L’agence revoit entièrement le graphisme, l’ergonomie et la ligne éditoriale de l’outil. Recentrée autour des actus « chaudes » du Groupe, lequel compte plus de 10000 collaborateurs en France, la plateforme interne devient un outil personnalisé.

    Allianz a choisi de faire évoluer son Intranet par étapes afin de pouvoir l’adapter à tout moment aux besoins des collaborateurs.

  • La 1ère plateforme collaborative du secteur bancaire

    BNP Paribas IDEAS est imaginé, créé et développé par A Kitchen. L’objectif : associer les utilisateurs à l’innovation dans la banque.

    L’internaute peut tester en avant-premières les applications, sites web et autres supports digitaux de la banque. En outre, il peut engager des discussions sur la banque de demain: voiture connectée à sa banque, virements via les réseaux sociaux, dématérialisation des tickets de caisse… Ces idées peuvent être commentées et soumises à un vote.

    Bref, avoir des idées, c’est bien, les partager, c’est mieux!


  • La ligne édito Facebook de BNP Paribas

    A Kitchen gère la page Facebook de BNP Paribas depuis 2014.
    Nous y proposons de recentrer le discours de la fan page sur l’ADN de la marque : la diversité des offres.

    L’innovation est notre 2ème axe de travail. Nous proposons de créer une charte graphique dédiée Facebook, dérivée de la charte digitale BNP Paribas.

    En filigrane, chaque post mis en ligne répond à un objectif : faire converger la ligne éditoriale de la page avec la cible de Facebook.

  • Le nouveau site de la Licra

    A Kitchen est choisie pour revoir la ligne éditoriale du site, son graphisme, son ergonomie et le développer. L’objectif : construire la vitrine qui permettra à l’association de porter la voix de l’antiracisme en France.

    Sans négliger la dimension historique de la Licra, nous optons pour une structure simple et un graphisme moderne mettant en valeur un calendrier des grandes échéances antiracistes, les actus de l’association et sa présence en ligne et sur le terrain. La plateforme digitale permet également à chacun de faire appel aux services juridiques de la Licra.

  • Quindici en cinemagraphs

    Dernier né des restaurants de Julien Cohen, Quindici, situé dans le 15ème arrondissement parisien, avait besoin d’un site web pour vitrine digitale. A Kitchen propose de jouer sur le nom du restaurant et la diversité de ses espaces de vie pour créer un site moderne et original.

    Nous créons 15 cinemagraphs, des vidéos qui se répètent en boucle pour mettre en valeur chaque lieu – le restaurant, le traiteur, la cave à vin, l’épicerie et le take-away. En fonction de l’heure de connexion, une de ces 15 vidéos apparaît.

  • My Internet Project

    My Internet Project propose aux internautes/citoyens de prendre en main de manière active et participative la lutte contre les propos haineux sur le web en partageant les discours de tolérance.

    Grâce à un bouton installé dans le navigateur, l’internaute peut surligner et partager sur une plateforme web et les réseaux sociaux les discours positifs qui le touchent. Et ce sans jamais quitter sa navigation.

Voice of Wealth

BNP Paribas Wealth Management / July 2016 / Applications / Download the app / Share

A kitchen overhauled the graphic style and editorial line of the Voice of Wealth App, which provides the BNP Paribas Wealth Management clients with premium news, decrypted and analysed by the bank’s experts.

On top of a modernized design, we worked on a new layout, the prioritization of content, and a dynamic news treatment, to make the app more userfriendly.

The app was developed by our agency and integrated into an Adobe solution. It is available on iPad, Android tablets, and will soon be adapted to smartphones.

Against hate speeches, highlight, click and share love speeches / go to the platform / Share

Out Of My Internet: Our commitment to fighting hate speech

/ March 2015 / ApplicationsDigital campaigns / Out Of My Internet becomes My Internet Project / Share


OUT OF MY INTERNET offers internet users/citizens the possibility to take an active hand in the fight against heinous and stigmatizing speeches on the web. From now on, they can report them in a matter of two clicks.

The project started from a simple assessment : the Internet, and especially social media, blogs, news articles comments etc., have become a major challenge for those who fight all sorts of abuse, whether sexist, homophobic, racist, anti-semitic, islamophobic, etc.

Few are the people who take the time to alert the authorities or associations : this requires commitment, a good knowledge of the associative network and to trust that things will be taken care of.

Out of My Internet makes it possible for any Internet user to be actively involved in this fight, thanks to a button installed in their browser. The « OUT ! » button has two simultaneous objectives : by a simple ‘highlight and click’ you can report illegal opinions, but you can also send a message of tolerance to its author, all without quitting your page.

An application that counts … on its editorial line

BNP Paribas / August 2014 / Applications / Application Les Bons Comptes / Share

« Les Bons Comptes » is an app that enables you to calculate and split your restaurant or holiday expenses among friends. A Kitchen was chosen to contribute to the editorial content of the app and of the entire communication strategy surrounding it.

Our editorial work met three challenges. The first one was clarity : the name of the application is not explicit enough as to the various services it offers, therefore our taglines also needed to be informative. The second was simplicity : the various paths leading to the main services of the app needed to be easily identifiable and accessible. The last challenge was the target : the application targets a rather young public who can easily tell when you’re too obviously trying to seduce them.

The first step was to find a simple, efficient and impactful message: « the app you can count on ». Then, the navigation pathways had to be perfectly apparent to optimize navigation, with screen titles that clearly identify the various steps and actions, and buttons that make the navigation experience self-evident. Finally, the wording needed to lead to an immediate understanding of the service.

All this process was applied to the app, on the website on which it is promoted, as well as on the app stores.

The digital showcase for the CERC on iPad

Cerc / May 2014 / Applications / The app on itunes / Share

A leading cardiological research center, the CERC takes part in many conventions around the world. We offered to equip their exhibition stand with an iPad application.

This app reproduces CERC’s universe and more particularly the network of experts, with  a mosaic of portraits – that until that day could only be glimpsed at on the background wall of the exhibition stand.

Now visitors can freely navigate the portraits, the firm’s activities, the latest contracts it has signed, and they can also watch CERC TV, with interviews of the network of correspondents.

The application has become a client prospecting tool for the CERC, and exceeds our initial expectations. The fact that they can update the app enables them to enrich the content as they go.

What’s more, it has enabled the firm to go more and more digital, and convey the image of a modern, connected business.

Launch of the mobile app « Souvenirs »

Agency project / July 2013 / Applications / Share

Souvenirs is an app that reminds you everyday of the photos you synchronized exactly 1, 2 or 3 years ago, on your iPhone, iPad and on social media.

The app also enables you to see how many likes and comments you drew with those pictures, and to share them via email.

To make such a digital trick possible, users first need to sync the app with their Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud accounts. The pictures taken on the exact same day in the past directly appear in the app. Zooming or sharing is available for each picture.

Halfway between a personal data sync account (like iCloud or Picasa), and a social network (centered on the « picture-you-need-to-share »), Souvenirs offers the possibility to immerse yourself each day in the storage of those accounts, at a time when the exponential number of pictures we take, paradoxically results in our forgetting them too quickly.

« Mes Envies » (« my wishes ») on iPad

Hello Bank! / June 2013 / Applications / Share

Hello Bank ! chose A Kitchen to design a specific tab in their tablet application. « My Wishes » helps clients define a time limit for the purchase of an item on their wish list, and to save correspondingly, so that their wish can come true.

Featuring a detailed savings schedule, product categories, notifications to remind you of the money you need to save etc., the tool is adapted to the bank’s rather young target and in line with its new social media editorial line, centered on consumption.

Added to this conceptual challenge was a technical one, since this widget needed to be operational on the range of tablets present on the market. Given the delays we are given to release this new tool, we opted for a webview.

Today, this device is completely fulfilling its objective both as a communication tool for a brand making its debut on the digital scene, and as a successful practical tool for clients.

Dr Job and Mr Recruitment

BNP Paribas Careers / May 2013 / Applications / Share

Dr Job is a mobile app which helps applicants prepare for their job interview. Originally released on the app store, the application needed to get its second wind, thanks to a digital campaign adapted to a range of media.

First, we provided a Facebook plugin : a 10-question random MCQ, which echoed the concept of the app.

Then, we designed a communication campaign, with Facebook covers inspired from famous movies or movie characters, and delivering a simple, impacting message, in line with Dr Job’s advice. 16 such original posters were created and shared on social media.

Finally, we developped an Android app, and did the porting ourselves to make sure the conversion was true to the original iPhone app.

Creation of the agency

A Kitchen / February 2012 / ApplicationsBrand contentDigital campaignsSocial mediaWebsite / Share

A year before launching A Kitchen, when they both worked for Degetel, a software engineering company, Yoann Chevreuil and Nicolas Hazout (often) met up at the coffee machine.  The former was a creative director, the latter the head of the communications department.

They had fulfilled their mission, which was to launch the company’s digitalization, with the creation of a website and a mobile app. A genius idea suddenly downed on them, between two nespresso caps : « What if we started our own business ? ». A self-evident question, that you’ve heard a million times, and yet, they did go ahead with it.

April 2012: A Kitchen was created.