The agency in 6 projects

  • Allianz France Intranet

    A Kitchen won the RFP launched by Allianz France for the overhaul of their Intranet.

    Our agency entirely reviewed its graphic style, user-friendliness, and editorial line. The internal platform puts the spotlight on the « hot news » section, and is designed to be customizable by each of the 10,000 employees of the group.

    Allianz has chosen to develop its Intranet in stages, in order to adapt gradually to the needs of their employees.

  • The editorial policy of the BNP Paribas Facebook page

    A Kitchen has managed the BNP Paribas Facebook page since 2014.

    We have chosen to give special attention the brand’s DNA: the diversity of services. Our second main line is innovation.

    We have designed a specific graphic charter for Facebook, based on the BNP Paribas digital charter.

    Our objective is that each posts targets the specific Facebook audience, while respecting the editorial line of the page.

  • A new website for the International League Against Racism and Anti-semitism (LICRA)

    The International League against Racism and Anti-semitism (LICRA) chose A Kitchen to overhaul the editorial line, graphic style, and userfriendliness of their website, and to develop it.

    Our goal : designing a digital showcase for the association and enabling them to be the voice of anti-racism in France and abroad.

  • Quindici in cinemagraphs

    The latest venue of Julien Cohen’s acclaimed Italian restaurants, Quindici’s, located in the 15th arrondissement in Paris, needed a website to serve as its digital storefront. A Kitchen offered to use the evocative name of the restaurant and the variety of spaces it offers to create a modern and original website.

    We created 15 cinemagraphs – short, looped videos – that hightlight each of the restaurant’s area : the dining area, prepared food counter, wine cellar, shop and takeaway. The videos alternate on the website depending on the time of day.

  • My Internet Project

    My Internet Project gives internet users and citizens the possibility to take an active hand in the fight against heinous speeches on the web by sharing messages of tolerance instead.

    After installing a button in their browser, users can highlight positive content they like, and share it on a web platform and on social networks. Everything can be done with a simple ‘highlight and click’, all without quitting your page.

  • The first collaborative platform in the banking sector

    IDEAS was imagined, designed and developed by A Kitchen for BNP Paribas, with one objective: giving users an opportunity to be part of innovative development in the banking sector.

    Through IDEAS, users can access exclusive test trials for the bank’s new applications, websites and other digital media. They can also engage in discussions on the bank of the future – « banking cars », integrated payment platforms on social networks, paperless cashier’s receipts etc. Their IDEAS are then submitted to the other users’ comments and vote.

Voice of Wealth

BNP Paribas Wealth Management / July 2016 / Applications / Download the app / Share

A kitchen overhauled the graphic style and editorial line of the Voice of Wealth App, which provides the BNP Paribas Wealth Management clients with premium news, decrypted and analysed by the bank’s experts.

On top of a modernized design, we worked on a new layout, the prioritization of content, and a dynamic news treatment, to make the app more userfriendly.

The app was developed by our agency and integrated into an Adobe solution. It is available on iPad, Android tablets, and will soon be adapted to smartphones.


21 June 2016 / MY INTERNET PROJECT / Share
Voice of Wealth campaign / discover the app / Share
Against hate speeches, highlight, click and share love speeches / go to the platform / Share
January-March 2016 in video / Share

A new website for BNP Paribas Développement

BNP Paribas Développement / March 2016 / Website / visit the website / Share

BNP Paribas Development, a branch of BNP Paribas, assists SMBs in their choices of long-term development strategies, or in the management of their shareholders. A Kitchen developed a modern corporate website, focused on the activities of the company, their achievements, and customer relationship.

A Kitchen built the new site but also reviewed its editorial line so as to focus the company’s positioning around its core business. We created a baseline and fine-tuned our taglines.

A digital photo wall for M6

M6 Publicité / March 2016 / Digital campaignsWebsite / Share

After working on a similar project for Allianz France, A Kitchen designed a digital employee photo wall for the advertising branch of French TV channel M6. Used as an internal tool to present the Group’s workforce, this digital photo wall takes the shape of an interactive mosaic.

The platform is completely secured, with a dedicated url.

Euro 2016 on M6

M6 Publicité / February 2016 / Website / visit the website / Share

A Kitchen created a EURO 2016 TV buying platform for M6 Publicité.

M6, which broadcast the European football competition, set up a large-scale digital plan around this widely watched event.

A Kitchen designed a website specifically dedicated to media agencies and advertisers, to enable them to buy ad space directly online during the EURO 2016 event. The platform also allows users to contact the marketing teams of M6 Publicité.

The platform was an actual digital showcase, with the games and the competition front and center. It also served as a pre-booking space, with offers and packages clearly detailed and easily identifiable.